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JavaOne - it's all about the people

Posted by kirillcool on May 14, 2007 at 12:02 AM PDT

I went to JavaOne 2005, and my impressions back then were not very favorable. Much has changed since then (well, we still had a few cheap applauses at the opening keynote), and this year it has been a much more pleasurable experience. John Gage is a very engaging (pun intended) speaker (*), and he specifically asked each one of the attendees to have a list of 20 people you haven't known before by the end of the conference. John, i tried my hardest, and here is the list of 21 (yes, that's one more than you have asked) names (i have to admit that i cheated a bit since i've met few of the people at Desktop Matters a few months ago).

  • 1 - Alex Potochkin, my co-presenter. Quite a few lengthy ICQ sessions, long e-mail threads and API discussions finally leading to the Rainbow project.
  • 2, 3 - Richard Bair and David Qiao that have graciously agreed to participate in our late night BoF on component development. Even though it had been at 10PM (against the Grinder Girl party and a few other interesting BoFs), we had about 50 people and a very interesting discussion.
  • 4, 5 - Hans Muller and Amy Fowler, two of my Swing heroes who were the members of the original Swing team. Amy was gracious enough to hear me rant about BasicTabbedPaneUI (which went on even after she said that she wrote some parts of it), and now i hate it a little bit less :)
  • 6-8 - the great team behind, including Chris Adamson, Marla Parker and Sarah Kim (a blog is missing?) Thanks for great chats, having me present a mini-talk at the community corner and the very, very, very comfortable sofas (although i prefer not to think about all the places they have been before).
  • 9-12 - the rest of the Swing developers that i had a chance to sit with, Chet Haase, Romain Guy, Chris Campbell and Jasper Potts.
  • 13-15 - fellow look and feel developers, Luan O'Carroll, Fred Lavigne and Mike Swingler from Apple (next dinner is on us). Some interesting discussions have started, and i hope that we'll continue them.
  • 16-18 - fellow bloggers Augusto Sellhorn, Andres Almiray and Michael Nascimento Santos. Nice to finally put a face (and a voice) to a blog. Thanks for bumping into me and letting me ramble incoherently.
  • 19 - Kohsuke Kawaguchi. If i had to pick one person to be professionally jealous of, it would be him. An amazing number of solid projects on, ranging from continous integration to an orb that glows red on build failure (and much more).
  • 20 - Cay Horstmann for a great chat on JavaFX
  • 21 - Geertjan Wielenga and letting go of the grunge :)

So, here John, this is the list that you have asked for. And if i have to pick my favorite speaker this year, it would be Ben Galbraith who has delivered two excellent technical sessions on Swing development. If you missed those, just go grab the PDF slides from the content site.

(*) As mentioned way more eloquently than i ever could hope at BileBlog, You find yourself wanting to have children just so you could sell them to him; surely he

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