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A silly trick with JavaScript

Posted by kirillcool on July 19, 2007 at 8:21 AM PDT

Here is a silly trick that a friend of mine has sent me. Copy the following JavaScript bit and paste it to the address bar of your browse (for some reason it doesn't work on this specific page, so try it one the main page for instance). Enjoy the ride :)

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images ; DIL= DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i<DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5;*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0)