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OSCON 2007 - presentation slides and stray thoughts

Posted by kirillcool on July 26, 2007 at 9:33 AM PDT

First of all, thanks to all those who came to listen to my presentation yesterday at OSCON 2007. The presentation slides are available in the PowerPoint2007 and PDF formats. I'm also planning a series of articles on my other blog to go more deeply into the various parts of the Swing painting pipeline.

And now some stray thoughts that went through my head on the plane back as i started comparing OSCON with JavaOne

  • Much better organization of connectivity and power supplies. Quite a few big tables outside the session rooms where you can plug your laptop to an outlet and connect to the internet with a hard wire. Not to mention that the session rooms had extension cords with outlets under the chairs, with a decent (15-20 KBs) WiFi access.
  • No standing in line to get in the sessions. Arguably, there are less people at the conference, but everybody is entitled to go and sit on the floor when they pay four figures to go to the conference.
  • Much more girls / women at OSCON. Perhaps Java needs to borrow some sex-appeal from other languages :)

And it was nice to see a friendly face at the conference itself and at the airport (both our flights were delayed, which gave me a chance to start reading the "Beautiful code", which is for now very disappointing).

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