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Trust is hard to build and easy to destroy

Posted by kirillcool on November 13, 2008 at 11:47 AM PST

What, why, when and how - these are the questions that shape the communication between the product developers and their users. Different teams choose different levels of opacity regarding these four questions, and making the answers more opaque over the time leads to a building frustration among the community members. This has been one of the major reasons behind my post on the current state of core Swing, and allow me to further explore this area.

Open-sourcing Java during the JavaOne 2006 and the announcement of OpenJDK project was hailed by Sun as the new era for Java, where everybody can lend their hand in shaping the future of the Java platform. Specifically in the client area, the summer of 2006 has supplied Swing developers with such gems as Chris Campbell

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