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Flamingo 4.0 official release

Posted by kirillcool on February 9, 2009 at 9:26 AM PST

I am extremely pleased today to announce the official release for version 4.0 of Flamingo component suite (code-named Fainnear). As detailed in the roadmap for this release, the goal was to provide the missing functionality from the Office 2007 Command Bar, and the journey that has started in September 2005 has arrived at its most important milestone so far.

I can finally say that the Flamingo ribbon can be used to create Swing ribbon-driven applications. While some of the minor functionality will have to be postponed to the next few releases, Fainnear provides all the major building blocks to create sophisticated ribbon content and wire it to the custom application logic. The release notes for version 4.0 contain the detailed information on the contents of this release which include:

To see the Flamingo ribbon component in action under core look-and-feels, run the following WebStart demo:

To see the Flamingo ribbon component in action under Substance look-and-feel, run the following WebStart demo:

If you want to test the ribbon in your applications, you would need the following (the last two only for applications running under Substance look-and-feel):

You are more than welcome to take Flamingo 4.0final for a ride and report any problems in the project mailing lists, forums or issue tracker.

I would like to thank all the early adopters that have tried the early development drops of Flamingo 4.0. Special thanks go to Andrey Eremchenko for extensive reporting and verifying of complex usability scenarios, especially for minimized, shrinked and popup functionality.

Sample screenshots of Flamingo 4.0 in action:

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All links are down! could you plis repair them!!!

All links are down!
could you plis repair them!!!

Hi sorry for asking in the wrong post. I can't find the java web start file of following demo: Also I can't post comment on that. Could you please fix the jnlp link?

Nice work! I can't wait to try this in a sample app.

Fantastic work. Swing has never looked better.

Rich, thanks for letting me know. I'll try to reproduce this on my Ubuntu partition when i get there.

Hi everyone, I am using flamingo library to create ...

Hi everyone,

I am using flamingo library to create contextual tabs but only the tabs are getting visible on using setVisible(task, true) API. The bands
created inside the tab are not visible. Please help me out. Is there some other method to make individual bands visible?

I am creating a ribbontask and passing the required bands in its constructor. Then I am creating a contextual task group and adding this ribbontask
to it. After that, I am setting this group property visible.

Please help me....


Looks fantastic! Just FYI, though, when I select the GTK LAF, some of the widgets don't paint correctly (the drop down menu attached to the mini paste icon on the top left, for instance, doesn't paint its list items at all).