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JavaOne BOF: Exploring the JavaServer Faces Ecosystem

Posted by kito75 on March 31, 2005 at 11:48 AM PST

I suppose all of my networking over the past year has payed off, because my session for JavaOne in June, 2005 has been accepted. Last year I wasn't so lucky, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a confirmation e-mail a couple of weeks ago.

The session will be a Birds-of-the-Feather (BOF) called "Exploring the JavaServer Faces Ecosystem". It'll be in the WebTier track. Here's the summary:

This session examines the ecosystem that is growing around JavaServerâ„¢ Faces (JSF) technology. We start with a discussion of why JSF is significant and explain how it lays the foundation for a range of new products. We then look at the IDE offerings from major industry players, such as Sun, IBM, and Oracle. Next, we examine the products from smaller vendors and open source organizations, such as component suites and alternative runtimes, delving deep into the specific features and benefits that these products provide. Finally, we look at other potential product opportunities and examine ways to get involved.

The session is currently scheduled for Monday, June 27th at 9:30pm. I'm looking forward to drawing from my involvement with the JSF community through my book (JavaServer Faces in Action), the JSF 1.2 and JSP 2.1 expert groups, and my role as editor-in-chief of JSF Central ( I think we'll be able to have a very productive discussion about where JSF is now, where it can go, and how everyone can get more involved.

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