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JavaZone 2005 - Oslo, Norway

Posted by kito75 on September 27, 2005 at 3:27 PM PDT

I've been to quite a few conferences and symposiums lately, and I must say that JavaZone 2005 was one of the best. It had the right mix of in-depth talks, range, great attendees, and a smattering of vendors and exhibits. It also had a classy feel, which I'm always fond of :-). Topics included Spring, JSF, Ajax, SOA, EJBs, design and management areas, and more. The selection of speakers was top-notch, and included Bruce Tate, Ted Neward, Rod Johnson, Patrick Lightbody, Vincent Massol, Jeff Genender, Trygve Laugstøl, Keith Donald, Anders Norås, John Crupi, and many, many more.

I presented two talks -- Intro to JavaServer Faces and From Struts to JavaServer Faces - Tips and Strategies for Using Struts with JSF or Migrating from Struts to JSF.

I wasn't too thrilled to present the Intro talk right after Ted Neward's Concrete Services session. Don't get me wrong -- Ted's session was quite good. A little too good, I think. Ted said later that he was "on a roll", and I think he's right. I've never heard so many one-liners in a technical session, and anyone that can get programmers on the stage to make a point is certainly in a good place.

Fortunately, my comparatively straight-forward performance went over quite well, even after Ted, and I managed to fill up the 300-person capacity room, which is always a good thing.

The second session didn't go quite as well, largely because I was trying to cram too much material into the short long time slot. I blame the No Fluff Just Stuff conferences for this, because their long 70 minute sessions have made it harder for me to do shorter presentations :-).

At any rate, I'll be speaking at Java in Action in a couple of weeks, and their longer sessions should be right up my alley.

One of the best thing about conferences is meeting people, both attendees and speakers. Even though I already new a few of the speakers, such as Ted Neward and Bruce Tate, I met some new people as well. What's funny, is that I spent a lot of time with a few people I met at the Speaker's Dinner the night before the conference began: Vincent Massol (Maven, Cargo, JUnit), Trygve Laugstøl (Maven), Jeff Genender (JBoss Live), Patrick Lightbody (WebWork), and Ross Mason (Mule). It was truly a pleasure eating, drinking, chatting, and touring Oslo with these guys.

Speaking of touring, I have to give a special thanks to Jerome Lacoste for being our unofficial tour guide. Not only did he show us around the city, but he also invited us into his home for dinner with his family. Thanks Jerome!

As always, I took plenty of pictures. I'm trying out Flickr for the first time, and I'll be adding more pictures from the trip as time goes on.
JavaZone - Sep 2005 - Oslo, Norway kito99's JavaZone - Sep 2005 - Oslo, Norway photoset

Anyway, I definitely hope to attend JavaZone again next year. It was a good time.