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JSF, Hibernate, Spring & EJB Training @ Open Source Live

Posted by kito75 on August 14, 2006 at 9:50 AM PDT

Open Source Live is a new event that seeks to merge a conference-like atmosphere with intense multi-day training. The idea is that when you leave, you've actually learned a lot.

I'll be teaching JSF for two days, Chris Richardson (Author of POJOs in Action) will be covering Hibernate and Spring, Max Katz (Senior Engineer at Exadel) will be covering JSF and AJAX, and Jonathan Wetherbee (Oraclee's EJB 3 tech lead) will be covering EJB 3. There are also panels on web dev and persistence in the evening. (If you want to hear what Max Kataz has to say, check out this interview on JSF Central).

If you're interested in relavent, in-depth training at an affordable price, check out Open Source Live!

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