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Public Training Course in Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted by kito75 on October 30, 2006 at 7:12 PM PST

If you're close to Edinburgh and want to know more about JavaServer Faces, I'm holding a public 4-day course starting November 14th.

Here's the synopsis:

This intensive JavaServer Faces (JSF) training course is designed and developed by Kito Mann, author of the best selling JSF book JavaServer Faces in Action and founder and Editor-in-Chief of, (a site devoted to the JavaServer Faces community) and a speaker at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, and the the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium. This is training from the source!

This JSF course begins by explaining what JavaServer Faces is, and how it relates to Struts and other web frameworks currently on the market. You will learn about key JSF concepts, and some of the architectural principals behind the framework. You will then learn about IDEs that support JSF, as well as libraries that facilitate JSF development, such as Struts Shale and Facelets. You will also learn about the current market for off-the-shelf user interface components, such as grids, menus, toolbars, trees, and tabbed panes.

On the last day, you will work on the integration of selected libraries and components with the sample application. We will examine different techniques for structuring JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications, paying attention to the consequences of each technique. You will learn how different IDEs approach JSF development, and how these may or may not work within your architectural constraints. We'll also examine the extension points within JSF, and how they can be leveraged to provide features such as security, alternate templating technology, and access to external resources.

For more information, visit the SkillsMatter web site.

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