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Javapolis and JavaOne presentations

Posted by kito75 on June 26, 2007 at 9:26 AM PDT

The excellent site has posted my Javapolis 2006 talk AJAX Development with JSF (Look Ma! No JavaScript). What's nice about is that you can watch the video in-sync with the slides.

Also, Sun has published two of my talks from JavaOne: Building JavaServer Faces Applications with Spring and Hibernate (with Chris Richardson) and Simplifying JavaServer Faces Component Development. My BOF about Seam with Michael Yuan wasn't posted (I don't think they posted BOFs). From these links, you can either download a PDF of the slides or view an audio recording that's synced with the slides (no video, unfortunately).

Both of these were great conferences, so it's worth checking out some of these presentations (whether or not they're mine).

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