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Posted by kito75 on September 18, 2007 at 7:26 AM PDT

Jonas Jacobi and John Fallows, two influential members of the JSF community, have started a new company called Kaazing

Jonas and John spent years at Oracle working with ADF Faces, and also wrote Pro JSF and Ajax. Now they've created a new company, Kaazing, focusing on Enterprise Comet.

There are plenty of comet solutions out there (ICEfaces is the most notable one in the JSF space). Kaazing's solution, however, is unique. At its core is the Chai VM, which essentially translates an ordinary desktop Java app into a web-based realtime application. No web development at all (you use Swing instead).

Interesting stuff indeed. Swing, however, is still a bit tedious. It'll be nice interesting to see how the Chai VM works with JavaFX once the JavaFX compiler is finished...

So, what does Kaazing stand for? Beats me. No hits from

As a footnote, it's sad that these two won't be as vocal in the JSF space. I'm very happy to see this new company, however. Good luck, guys!