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EclipseWorld and ApacheCon

Posted by kito75 on October 27, 2008 at 4:54 PM PDT

I'm speaking at two new conferences this year -- EclipseWorld and ApacheCon. Well, I suppose these conferences aren't new -- just new to me :-). I'll be presenting about Spring and JSF at both conferences, and Scripting with JSF at EclipseWorld.

EclipseWorld takes place this week, from October 28-30 in Reston, VA. This isn't very far from where we had JSFOne this year, and ironically it's also the area where I spent my childhood.

I'll be presenting two sessions on Thursday:

* Building Enterprise Applications with JavaServer Faces and Spring
* Scripting JavaServer Faces

Next week, I'll be at ApacheCon US 2008 from in New Orleans, Louisiana. I haven't been to New Orleans since the year before Katrina hit, so it will be a bittersweet return to such a wonderful city.

At ApacheCon, from Nov 3-7, I'll be presenting the Enterprise Applications with JavaServer Faces and Spring presentation again (I figured not too many people are going to both conferences :-)).

I'm looking forward to attending both of these conferences. And, if you're going to be around, let me know!