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Check out great JSF, GWT, Seam, and other talks at the TSS Java Symposium

Posted by kito75 on February 26, 2009 at 7:28 PM PST

The TSS Java Symposium will be held once again in fun-loving Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace. This year, there are four excellent tracks: SOA, Architecture, Languages, Tools & Techniques, and Frameworks. I'm the track chair for Frameworks, and I think we've put together an excellent lineup:

* Open Source Portals: Free Application Infrastructure (Kito Mann)
* Architecting Applications Using Apache Wicket (Andrew Lombardi)
* Bean Validation (Emmanuel Bernard)
* Build Next-Generation Web Applications with the Spring 3.0 Web Stack (Jeremy Grelle)
* Google Web Toolkit: Advanced (David Geary)
* Google Web Toolkit: An Introduction (David Geary)
* Hibernate Search: Finding Data, You Deserve Better (Emmanuel Bernard)
* JSF 2.0 in Action (Kito Mann)
* Maturing Your Security with Seam (Dan Allen)
* Sexier Software with Java and Flex (James Ward)
* Spring and EJB 3 Integration (Reza Rahman)

We built the session list based on current trends and feedback from previous conferences. If you're building a web application, working with Hibernare, EJB, or Spring, there's something here for you.

And that's just the Frameworks track. The other tracks have goodies such as testing, REST, troubleshooting, Advanced Spring, Clojure, DSLs, Groovy, Scala, JRuby, JAX-RS, Mule, Apache CFX, and more. You should definitely check out the show. And, let me tell you, Las Vegas is a great place for a conference...