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JSF Summit 2009: New Workshops and Sessions

Posted by kito75 on October 13, 2009 at 9:24 PM PDT

We're less than two months away from the 2nd annual JSF Summit conference, co-sponsored by JSFCentral and the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums. The conference will take place December 1st-4th in warm, sunny Orlando, FL.

We already have an all-star lineup of speakers such as Ed Burns, Matthias Wessendorf, Dan Allen, Ted Goddard, Keith Donald, David Geary and several others, covering every aspect of JSF 2.0 plus JSF 1.x, Seam,
MyFaces, ICEfaces, Trinidad, Spring/JSF integration, Comet, Portlets, JSR 299, testing, and more.

But Jay Zimmerman and I wanted to make the show even better, so I'm happy to announce the following additions.

Two One Day Workshops

We’ve added two full-day hands-on workshops on Dec 1st (valued at $500):

Maximum JavaServer Faces 1.x (by Kito Mann)

So you're using JSF, or planning to use JSF, but your deployment environment, management, or other factors preclude upgrading to version 2.0 any time soon. This workshop will help you get the most out of version 1.1 or 1.2.

While there is a library for just about everything, we'll focus on how you can handle common issues with the smallest number of additional libraries. We'll discuss how Facelets can simplify your life, but also tell you what you can do with JSP. Other topics include writing pluggable extensions, application server nuances, implementation-specific configuration, using dependency injection, best practices, IDE support, writing custom components, and more. We'll also cover what you'll gain if you're still working with JSF 1.1, and how you can upgrade with existing application servers.

Attend this workshop to maximize your investment in JavaServer Faces today.

Sinking the business requirements with Seam (by Dan Allen)

In this day-long training, you'll learn how to sink your business requirements using Seam. You'll discover the numerous enhancements Seam brings to JSF, from solving those minor annoyances to making JSF bookmark friendly. You'll find out how to stay out of the XML weeds by tapping into Seam's line-up of annotations. If your willing to give EJB a second chance, you'll learn how Seam gets JSF and EJB to work together. If EJB has hurt you one too many times, you'll get the insiders view on how to get the benefits of EJB without actually using EJBs. Most important, of all, this training teaches you how to respect the persistence context and thus avoid lazy initialization exceptions in JPA and Hibernate.

That takes care of the remedial Java EE work. But Seam doesn't end there. Seam integrates with all those defacto-standard libraries that the Java EE specs can't mention. By the end of the day you'll be creating PDFs, charts, spreadsheets, XML feeds, firing off e-mail and in-container testing and more. You'll come to appreciate that Seam doesn't taper off just as your application is taking off. It really does see the project through.

And just to reassure you that Seam is there from start to finish of the development cycle, you'll learn how to use the Eclipse tooling provided by WebTools and the JBoss Tools plugins.

Come with an empty brain because there will be lots of great Seam info to stuff into it.

New Sessions

We added six additional practical, in-depth sessions:

Keynote by Ed Burns

Also, you don’t want to miss star JSF co-spec lead Ed Burns' keynote: JSF Around the World. Ed takes a fresh new look at major companies and organizations using JSF all across the globe.

Two Great Conferences

Attendees of the JSF Summit get free access to the Rich Web Experience, with another 50 sessions covering JavaScript, Ajax frameworks, CSS, Flex, Design, security, and more.

Register by Nov 1st for $200 off! We also have travel package deals this year (easier to sell to your boss). It's going to be a great show -- I hope to see you there!