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Posted by km on May 6, 2007 at 6:53 PM PDT

A while ago, I blogged about OpenSearch plugin for Firefox-like browsers. I got interested in it and then the Guru Kohsuke gave me some nice ideas about making it more generic. This post brings about little things that prove that the Web is burgenoning and community is important.


Well, it is not really a problem. It is an improvement. You have seen the Search Engine integration for the Firefox browser. It simply adds a set of "search engine" in the top-right corner of the browser. In my first blog, I added a customized GlassFish Issue Tracker Engine (and Nitya enhanced it for NetBeans).

But then Kohsuke gave me the idea that Firefox, when contacting a particular site, looks for a particular OpenSearch compliant XML file that corresponds to a particular mime type and automatically adds a menu item in the list of search engines available. This is how it looks.


image-2: Search Engine: "Add Issue Tracker" Search Engine Menu Item! (Click to Enlarge)

When you simply click on that menu item, it adds the search engine to your list of search engines and is ready to go!

Then Kohsuke made changes to the templates of various project and the search engine will be added to the list, when you connect to any one of the several key GlassFish-affiliated projects. For example, if you go to or, you will see this menu item added!

Click to Enlarge

image-3: An Example Usage (Click to Enlarge)

What this enables is a cross-project issue tracker look-up in an intuitive manner. Suppose you are at home-page and you want to see how many grizzly bugs are assigned to Jeanfrancois (jfarcand is the ID), then you simply type:

grizzly jfarcand

in the search box and you will see all the bugs assigned to jfarcand for project grizzly. The following queries are supported:

  1. Participating project name (e.g. glassfish, jaxb, jaxp, grizzly, ...) followed by id -- shows the issues assigned to this id.
  2. Participating project name (e.g. glassfish, jaxb, jaxp, grizzly, ...) followed by an issue id (an int) -- shows that issue in detail.
  3. Just the id -- shows GlassFish issues assigned to this id (degenerate case of 1).
  4. Just an issue id -- shows the GlassFish issue with given id in detail (degenerate case of 2).

The real enabler of this is shown in the following picture.


image-4: The Real Enabler - HTML Head <link> (Click to Enlarge)

What Kohsuke just did is he changed the theme-engine for a number of projects and that enables this seamless integration.

Let me know if you like it. Use it if yes.

I will check in the source code somewhere on the project and then we can enhance this project ...

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