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Make your builds always available

Posted by kohsuke on February 7, 2005 at 9:13 AM PST

When you are working on a software project, often you have other people who need to access the builds. For example, here at Sun when I work with the JAXB RI, our builds need to be handed to the quality assurance team, the TCK team, the JAX-RPC RI team, and other miscellaneous people who use the JAXB RI internally.

For many of them, this hand-off of a build is not just one time thing. It is a continuous on-going process. For example, the QA team needs a new build once we fix a bug they reported. During the lifetime of a project, this cycle happens a lot.

For this reason, it is often convenient to have a standard distribution channel of your builds, where people can always get the latest build. It is even better if there

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