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Even IBM chose the JAXB RI for databinding

Posted by kohsuke on August 4, 2006 at 2:25 PM PDT

I reported that more and more toolkits are building on top of the JAXB RI, but the list just keeps growing.

Yesterday Arun told us that IBM has released an alpha version of WebSphere Feature Pack for Web Services. The website lists what's in this feature pack, and that includes JAXB 2.0 support.

So I got curious. With the army of engineers that IBM got, it's not too much of a surprise if they chose to implement it from scratch. So guess what I find in it. Yup. It's right in their jar file, complete with my DTD support and partial RELAX NG work. I haven't checked but looks like all the vendor extensions are in there too.

Let's just say that beer tasted better last evening.

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