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Highlights of proposed JAXB 2.1 changes

Posted by kohsuke on August 22, 2006 at 10:59 AM PDT

While all change proposals are posted in the issue tracker, it's not quite easy to read, because:

  1. It talks about gory details; wording changes in section X and adding paragraph in section Y, etc.
  2. You have to click a bunch of links to get to each one of them.
  3. I messed up some of the MIME type settings, so one or two of them launch MS Word.

Besides, some of the changes are only intereting for a fairly limited number of people, like the TCK engineers.

So, in the hope of getting more feedback, I picked up changes that are interesting to JAXB users, and put them together in one HTML document. So please tell us how you like it or not like it.

Remember, those are just proposals for now, and are subject to change.

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