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Hudson 1.47

Posted by kohsuke on August 29, 2006 at 4:59 PM PDT

As I talked before, the first wave of plugins are now available for download. Those are the japex plugin and the uploader plugin. The source repository contains a few more plugins, but they are probably not of interest to people outside Sun (or those who run TCKs.) There's also a new version of Hudson, as usual, for you to play with.

I also noticed that someone said some nice thing about Hudson at, so I'm getting some traffic from there, too. It always makes me happy when people find my stuff useful.

Going forward, one thing I'm trying to do is to offload more work to slave. For example, today, when Hudson needs to collect JUnit reports from a build that was run on a slave, the master visits the workspace (via NFS) and finds all the report files. This is not terribly efficient. It makes more sense to ship a part of a program to a slave, then do the work over there, and bring back just the result (it's kinda like how those "agent" systems work.)

The problem that I'm trying to figure out is how to ship this agent into a slave machine for execution. Ideally I'd like to also ship the class files along with the agent, so that I don't have to copy jars manually upfront. It somewhat sounds like RMI, but I'd like to do the communication over a single InputStream/OutputStream pair that is used by the master to connect to slaves (plus I want to send over all the class files.) Does anyone know any good toolkit that I can use?

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