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JAX-WS RI 2.1!

Posted by kohsuke on February 2, 2007 at 10:42 AM PST

Today is a release day of JAX-WS RI 2.1 (see the announcement.) Before I head for a party (I'm sure we can count on our managers to throw one for us!), here are a few things I wanted to mention in some details.


I hope you've seen the performance benchmark that we posted. I think numbers speak for themselves. Kudos go to our performance team and the SJSXP team. I also contributed a bit here by making the JAXB RI faster and fixing some performance problems in the JAX-WS RI.

During this process we uncovered a few performance issues in Glassfish, too (which affects both toolkits), so hopefully as we make more progress, the actual throughput will get even better.

Extensibility/Spring Support

One of many things we worked hard on the 2.1 release was to make it extensible. Some of those extensions are already being used in production. For example, the whole WSIT is just a collection of extensions. Glassfish is using the same extensibility point to implement the web service monitoring support in their admin GUI.

And another fruit of this extensibility is the JAX-WS RI Spring support extension, and I'm happy to announce that it hit version 1.0 today, too. This extension allows you to assemble and configure all the pieces in your application by using Spring by doing injections and all — this is much better than before, where each part of your application was instanciated sepaprately without knowledge of each other.

This extension also lets you configure JAX-WS itself from Spring, so it supercedes sun-jaxws.xml. This can be also used as a platform to configure other transports, so stay tuned for those new transports in the near future.

JAX-WS commons

We started JAX-WS commons project some time ago to make it easy to develop/share JAX-WS RI extensions. Anyone is welcome to become a developer on this project, so if you have some JAX-WS extensions or otherwise interested in writing some, just let us know.

There are already a few components available there.

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