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Hudson 1.91 and FishEye/ViewVC integration

Posted by kohsuke on March 26, 2007 at 5:56 PM PDT

Matt Raible asked me to work on a FishEye plugin for Hudson in my recent Hudson-related blog entry. Incidentally, my colleague Rajiv has been also asking for this feature (of being able to link to SCM browsers like FishEye, ViewCVS, etc) — so much so that he filed the same RFE twice!

So I'm happy to announce that this long-standing RFE since August 2005 is finally implemented in the latest Hudson 1.91 (changelog.) It comes with FishEye, ViewCVS, and ViewSVN support. (Normally I'd do FishEye in a plugin, but this feature has such a small UI surface that I thought it's OK to do so in the core.)

To configure this, go to the project configuration, select the SCM browser type you have, then enter the URL of the site. Just to show that I did my due dilligence, the screenshot shows what happens if you make a typo:


With that, you'll now see links to various parts of the SCM browsers from changelog. I haven't figured out if they do, but if those repository browsers support has the JavaScript API, I can show the diffs inline and do other clever stuff.


It's very common to have multiple jobs that work with the same Subversion/CVS repositories, so as long as one of those projects are configured, the other projects will automatically pick up the setting. That's why it's called "(auto)", not "(none)". So there's no need to go through all projects individually.

Finally, as with everything else in Hudson, this is extensible. So a plugin can be written to make Hudson support other kinds of SCM browsers. I'm planning to write one for SCM browser, so if you are interested in supporting other kinds, please let me know and I can help you.

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Bypassing URL check

Our FishEye instance can be accessed through ssl + basic authentication. The plugin doesn't appear to work out of the box under such circumstances. Is there a way to bypass the URL check and have the plugin blindly "decorate" the change entries with the FishEye URL configured (to yield the hrefs pointing to the appropriate change set)? Ooops, I realize that the the change log decoration works despite the URL check failing. Nice! Thanks