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Recent developments about Hudson

Posted by kohsuke on April 11, 2007 at 6:55 PM PDT

Hudson continues to keep me busy. So here are some of the recent developments.

1.100 Release

First, I just hit the release 1.100, which is 101st release of Hudson. I think that's a lot of releases. Generally speaking, I think "release early, release often" is a good thing, but OTOH I also realize that taking time to shake off bugs while holding off (potentially de-stabilizing) new features have its own benefits (there has been some discussion about this in the users list lately.)

Various resource limitation shapes the current Hudson release model, but I'll see if there's something I can do about it. The trick is to find a window of time where I can spend enough time on Hudson yet my colleagues won't need a new feature.

Hudson plugin for Polarion

Jonny Wray wrote a nice plugin that integrates Hudson with Polarion for Subversion. It allows you to jump from changelogs in Hudson to file history pages in Polarion. If you are interested in writing a similar plugin, you can see the source code. It's really small.

There are other people who are developing various plugins, like Cobertura, FindBugs, and ClearCase, but unfortunately many of them need to get a clearance from their legal department before they can share their plugins with us.

In any case, if you are interested in writing a plugin, let us know. I'm really trying to get more people interested in writing plugins, and I'm happy to help.

NetBeans plugin for Hudson

Michal Mocnak sent an announcement on the users list that he wrote a NetBeans plugin for Hudson.

I think there's a lot of potential for IDE integration. For example, IDE knows how to build your project. So wouldn't it be nice if your IDE can talk to Hudson and set up a continuous build for your project? You won't have to go through the configuration page anymore.

Or how about if IDE tells you so, when you made a change and that caused a build failure? It can even show you the list of files you committed. So I'm planning to send a lot of RFEs to Michal.

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