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Glassfish sites get a new theme

Posted by kohsuke on May 6, 2007 at 8:26 PM PDT

It's always when I'm super busy when I decided to work on random things that take too much time. This time, it is improving the theme of Glassfish component sites.

As some of you might have noticed, Glassfish, its component sites (like JAXB and JAX-WS), and Wiki have just gotten a new look&feel. The new L&F emphasizes the stronger relationship among component projects, and it's hopefully simpler and cleaner than the default theme.

It also has the following features:

  1. The current page is highlighted in the left navigation bar (as well as the top orange bar), so you'll always know where you are.
  2. A project can use multiple sets of navigation bar depending on where the user is. For example, compare this and this (they are both JAXB sites), or this and this. This can be very useful for localization.
  3. Thanks to Kedar, the theme features an open search description to search the issue tracker of the projects. This works for Internet Explorer 7 as well as Firefox 2.
  4. The theme is centralized, so making adjustments will be fairly easy. This should help us maintain the consistent L&F, as well as deliver new features (like the search feature that Kedar did.)
  5. For us, applying a theme to a new project is really easy.

There are already some RFEs:

  1. Not all the features are fully functional with IE.
  2. Integrate Wiki and the projects more deeply, so that our projects can use Wiki as if it's really a part of the project website. (That is, Wiki pages should get the same navigation bar that the project uses.)
  3. Define more HTML 'widgets' to improve the UI of our component sites, improve the consistency, and reduce the maintenance overhead all at the same time (for example, the floating boxes on the right hand side of the page are often inconsistent from components to components.)
  4. Make the download buttons look the same across the board.
  5. I need to write a Maven2 site skin for this.

If you have any bugs or RFEs, please let me know.

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