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Posted by kohsuke on June 17, 2007 at 2:41 PM PDT recently posted an article called "Top 50: Interview with Kohsuke Kawaguchi of the Hudson Project". I always enjoy doing this kind of things, because I can really say anything I want. If you enjoy reading it, you might like my previous one, too.

Hudson apparently continues to gain more traction. In the May 2007 top project ranking at, It's ranked at #7 in mail traffic and cvs commits. Here's what the rest of the world is saying about Hudson:

Whenever I install or upgrade Hudson, the easy-to-use, Java-based continuous integration server, I am positively surprised how quitely and effectively new features are added and implemented.

結論から先にいうと、現状の Apache Continuum では話にならない。Hudson の圧勝である。

I really like the unit test report that is generated.


Also look at recent blog entry by Elliotte Rusty Harold, and in particular what people are saying about Hudson in its comment section. Elliotte then posted a few e-mails and filed issues against Hudson, so I hope he's now a Hudson user.

I continue to make a lot of changes in Hudson. I do have a few things that are worth blogging about (like how it handles both form-based authentication for browsers and HTTP basic authentication for scripted clients, or how it generates schema on the fly for its remote API), so stay tuned for future episodes.

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