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More Hudson adoptions

Posted by kohsuke on September 16, 2007 at 5:46 PM PDT

Hudson has been running for a while for NetBeans, SwingLabs, JBoss, and Apache Lucene, bute lately I'm seeing more adoptions — for example, OpenDS, OCTO technology, OpenJFX, SourceLabs, and Amazon Fresh.

Those are publicly verifiable Hudson usages, but CI servers tend to be used inside a company firewall, so most of the adoptions are happening in places that I can't really point you to. Fortunately, when I look at the access log of Hudson website, sometimes the referers indicate where people are running Hudson, and those include quite a few major financial companies and technology companies (I wish I could give you names but I suppose doing so without a consent is a violation of privacy.)

Plugins are making progress, too. There's the long-awaited ClearCase plugin. FindBugs, task scanner, and cobertura plugins are all making new releases very frequently, some as frequent as once a week. I also discovered a work-in-progress Hudson plugin for IntteliJ IDEA on Google Code, too.

Finally, I just also noticed that Hudson is ranked #1 in CVS commits among projects in Auguest, and #2 in mail traffic. And considering the fact that most of Hudson web contents are on Wiki outside, I think it's worth noting that it still ranked #8 in project hit.