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More Hudson plugins

Posted by kohsuke on October 1, 2007 at 11:12 AM PDT

I clearly need to come up with a better title, but anyway, over the last few weeks a couple of new plugins were announced.

The first one is the Perforce plugin, thanks to Mike Wille. As the number of votes in the RFE implies, this has been one of a long-awaited enhancement, so I'm very happy to see this.

This makes the list of SCM support in Hudson to CVS, Subversion, ClearCase, Mercurial, Perforce, and Visual Source Safe. Half of them are completely done by the community, so I think it's a good sign that writing one is not too hard.

The second plugin is the VMWare plugin. As I understand, this plugin lets you start and shut down VMs when a new build is started/completed. So this allows you to set up multiple VMs each for a specific test environment, and then start/stop them as necessary, thereby allowing you to have a larger number of environments in a smaller number of systems.

I think there's a lot of possibilities in virtual machine integration with Hudson. For example, at my work we need to test most of the stuff with three OSes (Windows, Linux, and Solaris.) Rather than having physical machines dedicated to one of three, it would allow more flexible resource utilization if those three are available as VMs. As a bonus, installing a new slave becomes really easy.

Hudson core is at its 145th release and also making a lot of progress. More about that later when I get a chance.

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