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JavaPolis 2007

Posted by kohsuke on December 13, 2007 at 10:21 AM PST

This is the first time I've been to JavaPolis, and I'm having a lot of fun! First of all, I really liked this "conference in a movie theater" idea. The chairs are very comfortable, screens are big, and sound is excellent. I wish JavaOne could be like this (but given the # of people I guess it's just impossible there.)

I gave a talk about Hudson on Monday night. It was a short 30 minutes slot, but I managed to pack more people than preceeding Atlassian Bamboo talk (they also gave me a bigger room than their talk.) JetBrains had their TeamCity talk at the same time slot as my talk, so I couldn't attend that one, but I later found out that they are now offering a free version of TeamCity for small-scale deployment. Presumably they are doing it because they feel threatened by competition.

Also, I really didn't realize this, but Hudson is apparently gaining a real traction here in Europe. For one thing, during the conference, no less than 10 people, who I haven't met before, recognized me as "a Hudson guy" and wanted to say hello to me. I really felt honored. A friendly Icelander I met at the bar even bought me a couple of drinks for my Hudson work, and we hanged around until like 2am. I forgot to ask his name, so I hope he'll see this and drop me a note.


The city of Antwerp, and for that matter the city of Amsterdam too, were very beautiful, especially in the night. A very elaborate decorations in buildings, stone pavement, bicycle lanes, and etc. It's a real shame I have to fly back tomorrow. Maybe next time I should stay a bit longer to do some more sightseeing, or even better, skiing.


Several surprising findings for me in Europe. First, water at restaurant costs money, and it's about the same price as beer or cheap wine(!). Second, using restroom costs money in many places, and they are actually manned to make sure people really pay. I wonder what kind of crime you'd have to commit to be sentenced to man a restroom.

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