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"Emotional Hudson" plugin

Posted by kohsuke on February 26, 2008 at 11:05 AM PST

In his recent blog, he announced a plugin that changes the facial expression of Hudson the butler depending on how your builds are going.

As you can see in his screenshot below, if tests fail, Mr.Hudson gets disappointed, and if a build fails, he becomes visibly frustrated.

Its practicality aside, I thought this is pretty funny.

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A customer of mine has placed a caricatural picture of the Project Manager with an angry look and holding a baseball club :-) It's not a real plugin, though, just a replacement of the picture.

I've read on the TeamCity newsgroup about workshop that used big street signal lights with CruisControl afair :). This idea is neat too.

I love it! Great artwork, and a fantastic idea.

Very nice plugin, not very useful, but definitely amusing. We too changed a disappointed-hudson image a bit too... Now when few compilations fail, Chuck Norris is looking at our developers.