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Posted by kohsuke on February 5, 2008 at 10:03 AM PST maven repositories have been offline throughout yesterday, but they are back now. Sorry for the trouble it caused.

There was a bug in Maven that made this outage worse, too. Once in a while, maven checks the updates to plugins by talking to the remote repository. And when it fails to connect (like in this case, because the server was out), it clobbers the maven-metadata.xml entirely, and it ends up making your local versions unusable.
And once this happens, retrying with the -o option do you no good.

As a result of this, despite the fact that many people had all the relevant versions of artifacts they needed to do a build, projects become non-buildable nontheless during the outage.

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markash -- I believe the plugin:download goal only applies to Maven1.

One more update -- the outage is apparently not completely over yet. The server resumed operation by using a restored back up, but my daemon is still unable to push new files over to the server.

This means all the artifacts that are deployed since yesterday are not yet visible.

By the way, this outage also affected NetBeans downloads and GlassFish downloads, and took almost a whole day to fix it. We clearly need a better fail-over plan for this.

Good Day, Does the maven 2 repository support svn and the plugin:download goal does not seem to work with mvn. Regards, Mark P Ashworth

I set up a back up repository that serves the maven1, the m2 repository, and the GF repository. This back up repository reflects the latest deployed artifacts.

We experienced this recently as our internal maven repository cache (artifactory) went down. This is an unfortunate bug in maven. The workaround for developers is to build in offline mode (-o switch). Of course, this don't help continuous integration jobs running in Hudson ;)