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Progress on Hudson's i18n/l10n

Posted by kohsuke on March 3, 2008 at 9:47 AM PST

A few months ago, I blogged about the enhancement in Hudson to enable i18n. The progress since then has been rather amazing.

Japanese was the first language to be added to Hudson, thanks to a new committer "cactusman". Now, this work really actually has two parts in it — first to properly i18n the code, and then to add locale-specific data (AKA l10n.) Since he was the first to work on this area, he had to do i18n as well as Japanese l10n. So he had done more work than other l10n contributers. If you are Japanese, Cactusman has posted his talk about Hudson on his blog. His perspective on becoming a contributer in that talk is worth a watch.

The next language on board was French, done by Eric Lefevre. Eric has been also doing some evangelism too.

Then Simon Wiest joined and he started doing German translation. I just saw another big drop from him, and it appears to me that perhaps he has completed the translation of the entire Hudson core.

Another person recently joined the development team and he said he's going to do Brazilian Portuguese.

On top of the Maven plugin to assist l10n, I wrote an IntelliJ IDEA plugin to assist i18n. I'm actually wondering if we can do more to simplify l10n — like perhaps a plugin that talks to Google translate and suggest that as the default option, or perhaps a plugin that looks at other message files to find related translations, because the same word tends to appear in many places.

Anyway, even today the whole process is (I think) well documented in Wiki, so if you like Hudson and is willing to contribute, please join the development team!

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