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I think my daughter is on the right track...

Posted by kohsuke on April 13, 2008 at 9:31 PM PDT

She just turned three, and she ...

  1. recognizes the Java logo and say "Java!!"
  2. recognizes Duke and say "luke!!"
  3. recognizes Hudson logo and say "Hudson!!"
  4. likes singing the "Java java jing-jing-jing" song, although the only part she can really sing is the endless repeat of "java java jing-jing-jing."

Hmm... where did I make a mistake?

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Those pictures are very cute, Pascal.

Hmmm... I asked myself the same question, actually. Mine doesn't do Java yet but... she started hacking my password and studying openSUSE when she was 1.

(and btw, you've seen here, she was at the FOSDEM speaker dinner ;-))