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My JavaOne highlights

Posted by kohsuke on May 12, 2008 at 10:17 PM PDT

My JavaOne highlights

Shook hands with Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green came to the GlassFish overview session in CommunityOne, of which I was a small part. I've seen Jonathan a few times in the cafeteria, but never so closely. I thought he got a little chubbier, but maybe it's just me. Their Q&A time forced us to cut my part entirely :-(, but oh well.

People liked embeddable GlassFish
GlassFish had a good presence throughout the conference, and people liked its embeddability, too. Enabling more unit testing opporunities seem like one of the things people are interested in. We should push this further.

Bill Pugh seems to like Hudson now

Bill Pugh AKA Mr.FindBugs came to my Hudson booth, and we discussed about several things. Back when he visited Sun (maybe a year ago?) I showed him Hudson, and he appeared to be more knowledgable about Hudson now. He told me he'll mention Hudson in his "findbugs in anger" talk, and sure enough, after that, I started to see more people dropping by my booth, mentioning things like "hey, I just learned about Hudson in this conference ..."

Duke's Choice Award

I already talked about this. This year, the award ceremony wasn't a part of the James Gosling general session, and instead it was done in Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend this ceremony because of a schedule conflict with the GlassFish v3 talk that Jerome and I gave.

JavaPosse came by

JavaPosse was interviewing on the pavilion floor, and I got interviewed. I told them that my daughter is a big fan of the opening Java-Java-jing-jing-jing song. It looks like the interview became a part of episode 186.

Tom Huybrechts came by

He is one of the active Hudson committers, and this was the first time I met him in person. He had a very interesting plugin that he's working on, which uses JBoss BPEL engine and allow people to automate a complex work flow that can involve humans (think of a release process, for example.) He showed me how to design a workflow in Eclipse and uploads that to Hudson. I believe this will be his GlassFish Award Program submission. Can't wait to see it released.

Hudson session on Friday

During the rehearsals, Rama and I were doing this constantly at about 50 minutes, but somehow in the real run, it took longer, and I had to rush things through toward the end. But otherwise I hope the presentation went all right (judging from a few blog postings like this and e-mails, at least it impressed a few folks.) A part of the demo in which Rama showed the Maven integration where the user needed almost no configuration got an applause.

Hudson booth

Every Duke's choice award winner gets a small booth, and thanks to this, in the first time in JavaOne, I was able to get my own booth. Jesse helped me man the booth. I liked this arrangement a lot, because now all I needed to do was to sit and wait for people to come see us. While I was able to talk to a lot of Hudson users, I also talked to many people who had no idea what Hudson was. I felt I needed more marketing.

Meet up with other Japanese developers in Thanh Long

This is a meet up for people of what I call as "Maruyama-sensei school" — they are some of the best and the brightest Japanese developers, and I have an honor to be a small part of it. This yearly dinner became an integral part of JavaOne for me, and I meet new people every year. The food was expensive but good, and it was fun and inspiring. I run out of my business cards, which is a real shame because this is probably the only time I have any use for my business cards.

JetBrains developers knew me!

I went to the JetBrains booth to ask a few questions about TeamCity, but ended up talking more about IntelliJ IDEA, because some of them knew that I did a few plugins. What an honor. I got a few ideas about how to go about plugins that I wanted to write, so that was good. The person who did the Metro support in IDEA was there.

I stayed in San Francisco for a few nights

This year, I was able to stay in San Francisco for two nights, and it really made things convenient. I was able to be in a diner until midnight talking to folks, and yet next morning I was at the general session on time. Such an act is just impossible if I had to drive back and forth everyday from San Jose. It also allows me drink, which is another integral part of JavaOne :-)

Speaking of drinking, I was counting on one free bear by Fabrizio Giudici, but I couldn't find him. Darn!

On Saturday I opened a lego creator house set, which I bought for myself and saved it until after JavaOne, and played it a whole day with my daughter (lesson to myself — next year, buy two sets to avoid conflict!) Lego creator series is a lot more playable than some other series like Star Wars series.

On Sunday I took the family to Niles California for antique shopping which my wife loves. I noticed that JavaOne is after Mother's day next year, which is probably not a good thing for our wives.

I still need to wrap up the last installment of my 5-part Hudson introduction article in Japanese, but hopefully after that, I'd be able to come back to the regular life. Sorry for those who have reported issues for Hudson that I'm not attending them in a timely fashion, but please give me one more week.

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You can find them in the IntelliJ plugin repository.

What IDEA plugins have you written?

Yes, J1 is way too big. I've met a lot of people, but I missed another lot, you included in spite of me passing a few times at the booth. In any case, my beer offer has no expiration date, so don't worry. :-) I believe we will able to meet in other conferences, sooner or later.