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JJUG and meeting with Hudson committers

Posted by kohsuke on October 19, 2008 at 6:41 PM PDT

On Thursday I was at a conference hosted by Japan Java User Group (JJUG) and gave a keynote about software development productivity and Hudson. I think there were maybe 100-150 people. I wore a Hudson T-shirt, so that others can find me more easily:

Here's Takai-san, a Grizzly committer:

This is Imai-san, a Hudson committer.

I was supposed to be able to meet with Sogabe-san, who is another Hudson committer, but I couldn't find him. In addition to them, I met and talked with more people, each doing interesting things. I talked with Asami-san, who I used to work with on RELAX NG, and he is now doing model-driven development with tools written in Scala. I talked with Agata-san, who's doing Jersey-like framework not for web services but for webapps (I've got an action item to introduce him to the Jersey team.) I talked with a JBoss committer, a magazine editor, Hudson users, and the list goes on.

The only unfortunate thing about this event was that the pub was so small we had to split in two, but all in all I had a very good time meeting with and talking to a lot of people.

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