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Random pictures from Tokyo

Posted by kohsuke on October 10, 2008 at 12:39 AM PDT

This is a koban near my house. It's a small police station, and normally there are one or two policemen inside. They do all sorts of things ranging from finding directions for you, taking care of losts and founds, or scolding a shoplifter (or so I hear.) The bicycle you see next to the koban is used to patrol the neighborhood. The small yellow box hanging from the window shows the number of deaths and injuries related to traffic accidents happened yesterday in Tokyo. A bicycle and this yellow box can be seen on any koban in Tokyo.

The policeman in front of the koban was doing so-called "mouse-trapping" activity, which basically means waiting patiently until he spots a car violating traffic laws so that he can issue a ticket. This is one of the many major streets in Tokyo, so I bet they are making a pretty good money in no time doing this.

This is an entrance to a traditional-style tea house. The distance between the entrance to the house has strong correlation with the price, so I say this one looks pretty expensive.

This is the elementary school I went, and it's apparently still going. The school (not this building) is about 140 years old. In fact, this is a very old part of Tokyo, so much so that you can hardly find any schools younger than 100 years.

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Thanks for that: a nice flashback to my enjoyable (short) times in Tokyo! Which district was this? Rgds Damon

This is a great (small) window into the real Tokyo. Thanks very much! - eduard/o

Ah, thanks! On my first visit I wasn't staying that far from Ueno and your pictures... That has enhanced the flashbacks a little... it would be nice to go back! Rgds Damon

You can see the locations of these pictures from here: