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Hudson adoption updates

Posted by kohsuke on December 11, 2008 at 9:35 AM PST

Two recent good news made my day.

In a blog post titled "What Sun should do?", an analyst James Governor wrote:

Get behind Hudson is a big way. Developers really like it. It just works. It makes managing your builds a relatively painless experience. It is even, dare I say it, "pretty" - at least that was the adjective Dan McWeeney from Adobe used for it when he demoed it to me.

This being from an analyst was a real help for me inside Sun, because my management listens to analysts, and I never imagined someone would mention Hudson when he's talking about Sun as a whole. My bosses know about this,

And then, Paul Sandoz sent us a picture he took at Devoxx, showing a nice Hudson adoption in Europe:

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We use Hudson as our CI server, too. It is powerfull (enough for us at least), stable and (from my experience) bug free, and yep, I could say that UI is pretty and elegant. I really like an inline help content - great idea. Superb work Kohsuke and thx for your efforts.

Great, thanks for the fast reply!

francisdb -- the issue should be fixed now

wow, nice, started with continuum but rapidly switched to hudson. Love the frequent updates and all the plug-ins. Could you please have a look at the hudson debian apt repo, Linux users are missing the new builds :-s I'm willing to help.

Give it another year and you will need a much wider whiteboard. Burton Group just used Hudson in their Continuous Integration report: You won't be able to read it without a membership but it is all about CI, mentions Hudson, CruiseControl, and Apache Continuum as options. Then it uses Hudson in the how-too part.

I used Hudson in my Quickie presentations, and the POower Tools session was half based on it.. for sur the best continuous integration tool available for Java today... The server I demonstrated Hudson here at Antwerp: congratulations, Hudson is the best.. :)