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Mirroring to external Maven2 repository fixed

Posted by kohsuke on January 22, 2009 at 9:34 AM PST

Several people reported to me that the artifacts they pushed to the Maven2 repository stopped appearing to the external servers. I'm happy to report that this problem is fixed now.

This appears to be caused by a Subversion workspace corruption triggered by a disk full problem — disk problem was fixed earlier, but because of the workspace corruption didn't resolve itself, we ended up having an extended outage of this service. I improved the notification set up of Hudson so that I get notified when this stops working again (yes, I use Hudson to run this.)

If you continue to see problems, please let me know.

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Artifacts still not being published and no answer to any email as well. Did you get it?

Mail sent. Let me know if you don't get it.

Umm, that's weird, your spam filter must consider me spam :( as I sent you 4-5 emails already about it, since December. If you remember, you started up the daemons but they just worked once, nothing was picked up after that.
I'll send the info again tomorrow, let's see if we can nail that one also.

greeneyed -- no, I'm not aware of that. What is the problem? Can you send me more details offline?

Is this the same problem that is happening to " Maven Repository"? (

That one has not been working since December.