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Changes to the Maven2 repository

Posted by kohsuke on March 9, 2009 at 6:13 PM PDT

The Maven2 repository was set up about 2.5 years ago so that people hosting projects on can push artifacts to a Maven repository.

This repository has grown in size to the point that it puts significant strain on the system. So to improve the situation, we are moving the location of the repository from to (no more 'www' in the path.)

For those of you who publishes bits to this repository, you should change your POM to:


I updated the permissions on the maven2-repository project so that attempts to deploy to old locations will fail.

For those of you who downloads artifacts from this repository, be sure that you point to, which we've been advertizing for quite some time now. As long as you do that, you shouldn't experience any problems (modulo possible glitches in the next several days as we tweak our infrastructure.)

See here for more information about maven2 repository on, which shows how to access this repository, and here for more information about wagon-svn, which shows how to deploy artifacts to this repository.

My apologies for having to do this in anger without careful coordination and planning. But we all need to keep faster and responsive, and I'm doing my part to achieve that.

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Were you able to resolve this? I get the same error - svn: authentication cancelled when doing mvn deploy.

I too get the same issue as

I too get the same issue as of Nov 20, 2009. "svn ls" works fine. Any idea what the solution is?

Answering my own question,... I can use -Durl=java-net:/maven2-repository/trunk/repository. However I still get the same authentication failure.

No, unfortunately I can do a svn ls ... without any problem and I still get a svn: authentication cancelled when using mvn deploy. BTW, do you know what's the url I should use if I were to use "mvn deploy:deploy-file" to deploy the jar file? Thanks.

Try running "svn ls" from your shell, and it'll probably ask you to enter a password.

PS: on my Maven-publisher page, it says: VersionControl - Modify Repository: ^(?!/trunk/www).* Should the www part still be there?

Hi, I have Maven publisher rights and I changed the url as mentioned but I still get an error when doing "mvn deploy": Connection failed: Unable to connect to authentication cancelled I have a valid ~/ file with my user name and password. What can I do to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

Yes, the trick is to provide a different repository for SNAPSHOTS to control the size indeed.

kohsuke -- I can confirm, deployment works for my projects. About the SNAPSHOTS - I think there must be a policy to prohibit this. Alternatively we may offer a second "SNAPSHOTS" repository which would only contain artifacts from the last month, for instance.

greeneyed --- this is not at all an "improvement", as far as maven2-repository is concerned. People had to change something, without no functionality improvements or anything. Maven1 repository sync is working fine, as far as I can tell. Can you send me offline more information about what your projects are, what you did, what you expected to see, etc?

I guess that the improvement won't extend to the other repository which still does not work since December, does it?

lexi --- I've heard several reports about the problem in pushing to artifacts, and I believe I just fixed that. If you still see the problem, please let me know.

[Q] Is users of this repository going to be affected? [A] If you still use the , you'll see an outage for a few more days until we set up a redirect. We have been and continue to recommend to point to

lexi --- yes, everyone who used to have a permission to deploy should have a permission to deploy to new locations. Is it failing for you? And yes, we need to do something about SNAPSHOTS. jordihs --- we need someone to help us on the said feature. We do have access to the raw log files, but what we don't have is a mechanism to chop it up and distribute them to the right owner. I don't see how that can be easily done.

I'm going to take this opportunity to once more request a per project download statistics for the Maven repo. I (and many other project owners) would really love to know how many people are downloading my project. Please, consider adding this feature if you have the time. Sorry about the spam :-)

I've updated my setting which is relevant to my projects (hj3, maven-jaxb2-plugin, jaxb2-commons). Do I still have permissions to deploy (with a new URL, I mean)? What I also see is that there's a lot of snapshots in the maven2 repository. Actually, they should not be there, I think we need a policy on that.

Suggestion: patch to automatically s!/www/!/! while printing a warning linking to this blog entry. Users would still need to request the new plugin version, but that is likely more discoverable.

[Q] is this related to why I cannot check out / update my CVS repositories today? (with "waiting for unknown's lock in /cvs/CVSROOT") [A] No. Not that I know of, but I know this issue is being tracked at