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Automatic Continuous Integration for Grails projects on Google Code

Posted by kohsuke on May 8, 2009 at 11:28 AM PDT

Japan is in the middle of a week long holiday this week, so our Japanese Hudson committers are cranking out a lot of cool stuff.
This one is from Kiyotaka, who wrote a Hudson plugin called GCrawler.

GCrawler (1) searchs Google Code and discovers all Grails projects, (2) reads Subversion repository to figure out metadata, and (3) automatically add them to Hudson and builds them.
The net result is a free CI service for Grails projects on Google Code. It even creates views for different versions of Grails.

You can see the live instance and the list of the whole thing from here. He also wrote "It'd be nice to support Griffon as well, and hope G2one folks would get to do it" — so I guess here's a gauntlet on the ground for G2one folks! :-)

On top of all this, this Hudson runs on a cloud — in Morph eXchange. My hat off to Kiyotaka.

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I moved this hudson to

I moved this hudson to

He forgot to add the Google Code plugin for change log and commit message links.. :)

Right, right, but it's the same people that's working on Groovy, right?

Uuuurrrr... there are no G2One folk, SpringSource bought G2One last year.