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JavaOne activities around Hudson

Posted by kohsuke on May 28, 2009 at 11:59 AM PDT

JavaOne is just a few days ahead now, so let me recap what's happening around Hudson during JavaOne.

On Sunday, we have Unconference (RSVP) and a party at the Thirsty Bear (RSVP to "RSVP-ThirstyBear2009 at sun dot com".) The great thing about Unconference is that we have a big block of time (6 hours, in fact, if I'm reading it right), where enough people gather. So we have enough time to really talk about where the project should go, what we need to do, and hear what others are doing. If you have a plugin coding questions, I think this would be also a good time to bring them.

On Monday, Eduardo, my boss, will kick off what I think as "the GlassFish track" in CommunityOne at 10:50am. He'll cover the entire GlassFish Portofolio, of which Hudson is a part. I believe he'll touch Hudson, and where Sun wants to take Hudson at the higher level. The next session in the same room is from Lukas Hasik and Tomas Musil titled "Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson". This part of CommunityOne is a free event (register.)

On Wednesday, I'll be presenting a technical session "TS-5301 Continuous Integration in the Cloud with Hudson" with Jesse from 9:45am. In the evening, there's "BOF-5105 Hudson Community Meet-up" from 7:45pm, where we'll see a lot more demo from multiple folks.

Throughout CommunityOne and JavaOne, I'll be mostly at the Hudson booth in the pavilion floor. This is a great opportunity to have face-to-face time, and so especially if you want me to fix some problems on the spot, or talk about the ideas/problems/questions, please come by! This part of JavaOne is free as long as you have registration.

Finally since JavaOne attracts people from all over the world, we'll be doing "Hudson Localization Festa" by using the new Hudson translation assistance plugin. You can come to the booth, look at a few pages, choose your locale, then type the translations in there, and we'll integrate that into Hudson.

Hope to see you soon next week!

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