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Growth of Hudson plugin ecosystem

Posted by kohsuke on June 21, 2009 at 3:55 PM PDT

A Hudson committer Seiji Sogabe put together a chart that shows the growth of Hudson plugins. He wrote a little program that scrapes the download section of the Hudson project, and determined when the first version of each plugins are released.

The blue bar shows the new plugins released in the given month, and the red bar shows the total number of plugins available to that date. While there are definitely ups and downs in the the pace of releases, he noted a substantial increase in the rate in this year — 2008 saw 55 new plugins, but in this year, we already have 44 new plugins.

We need to revise the update center so that people can find the plugins they want more easily. We also need to revise the documentation that explains how to develop a plugin, since the extensibility mechanism and the form design mechanism are both substantially simplified and modernized. I'm also hoping that I'll find some way to list up what plugins extend what extension points, which would help new plugin developers by allowing them to see examples.

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