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Hudson adoption in the Eclipse community survey

Posted by kohsuke on June 10, 2009 at 3:41 PM PDT

Eclipse community did a survey on Java developers, asking various questions.

One of the questions they had was what build tool they use, and here you can see the adoption of various CI tools:


Among CI tools, Hudson is #1 with 128 votes, followed by Cruise Control with 67 votes. Bamboo is in the 3rd with 19 votes, and the rest is insignificant. So this is another validation that Hudson's adoption is going very strong.

(It's bit strange that they put Ant/Maven and Hudson/CruiseControl all in the same question, but I think we can still use this for the comparison among CI tools.)

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I would guess that besides the people who are using IDEs, many people who are using old school tools like make and autoconf answered "None" instead of "Other."

I suppose those are people who just use IDEs for building software --- I used to do that with Visual Studio, because scripting it into a headless build was back then quite a challenge. 20% in 2009 seems rather high to me, but then, maybe that's the reality.

I find surprising that 20% do not use a build tool, why? (although it could be the way the poll question was phrased) If accurate then clearly there is market for Hudson to penetrate :-)

I actually think that the question itself is flawed. As I do not consider the combination of Ant/Maven etc *AND* Hudson/Cruise etc to be right. One uses the other, they do not directly compete.