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Hudson Hackathon/Meetup, 7/18 in San Francisco

Posted by kohsuke on July 13, 2009 at 9:11 AM PDT

To quote the announcement e-mail from R. Tyler Ballance:

Howdy everybody, I pitched this idea to Mike (mrooney) and Kohsuke on
IRC and I wanted to spread the word further.

Me and by extension my employer (Slide) are hosting a Hudson
hackathon/meetup on Saturday, July 18th in downtown San Francisco.

I personally wouldn't mind getting some other hackers in the same room
together, perhaps to hack on the `concurrent-builds` branch or whatever
(I have some backlog of stuff to fix with the jabber plugin >_<)

If I can get a definite number of folks to RSVP, then we can make sure
Slide buys some beer and food for the afternoon  :)
(rsvp here:

I'm proposing to go from 12p.m. to 6-7-ish, unless anybody has any other
suggestions. We're right around the corner from 21st Amendment so
obligatory beers post-hackathon  :)

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!


-R. Tyler Ballance
Slide, Inc.

If you are in the area, please join us.

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