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Announcing Sun Continuous Integration Server

Posted by kohsuke on August 4, 2009 at 10:07 AM PDT

The continuous integration server Hudson that I started 5 years ago has grown to the point that it has become an important part of many businesses (to name a few, and most of them run inside corporate firewalls that I can't point you to.)

When an enterprise depends on Hudson as an infrastructure for doing software development, a commercial support often becomes an useful option — And to this end, I'm happy to announce that Sun now offers Sun Continuous Integration Server (SCIS) support subscription, as a part of GlassFish Portfolio.

The value props of SCIS is three-fold:

  • Patch releases: Community releases of Hudson is done weekly, and they include both bug fixes and new features. This cycle is often just too frequent for enterprises, and these new releases can also include new features and UI changes that go against the stability requirements that they have. SCIS picks up a Hudson release every 6 month, then offers sustained patch releases off those releases for 18 months.
  • Priority bug fixes: Bugs filed by customers are handled differently for faster turn-around time, and fixes are delivered in patch releases (in addition to normal community releases like all the other bugs do.) Contractually, we cannot commit to any fixed turn-around time for bugs, but I'm hoping that our record of fixing Hudson bugs in the past speaks how fast we can fix them.
  • Dedicated e-mail alias: We created a dedicated e-mail support channel so that you can get your questions answered quickly by bypassing the public users list.

The first release of SCIS is off Hudson 1.312, so if you think you might be interested in this offer down the road, it would be a good idea to use Hudson 1.312. In this way, should you decide to purchase the support subscription, you can seamlessly upgrade to patch releases (or if you decide not to, you can just upgrade to later versions of Hudson, too.)

See Wiki page for more information.

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Off topic

Off topic, but... I'm really looking forward to your session at JavaZone in Oslo next week! (I was the one who suggested you, which means I'm obliged to go anyway :) )

And also GlassFish:

And also GlassFish: Congrat, Kohsuke!

Hi Kohsuke, Congrats......... That's Cool................. Regards, Homer Yau

BTW we have our hudson in public domain ... we run in ec2 servers @kohsuke thanks for amazing work

many thanks for you awesome job! BTW I'm back to Hudson from TeamCity now 3rd time :)


Oops... I forgot: congrats!

"it has become an important part of many businesses" I'm going to have a talk at a conference this fall, about how to set up an effective software factory, and the provisional title is "Tools for an effective life-cycle management (or Why I can't live without Hudson)" ;-)