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Good bye, Sun/Oracle

Posted by kohsuke on April 5, 2010 at 2:59 PM PDT

I started working for Sun Microsystems since Janurary 2001, when I first came to the US. During these years I was able to work on many different projects, such as MSV, JAXB, JAX-WS, Metro, GlassFish v3, and Hudson, to name a few, with many great people. It was all quite an enjoyable journey. I won't list all those names one by one here, for it will be too long, but if you are one of them, I think you know that I'm talking about you. As my colleague Abhijit said once, a large part of enjoying your work is the people you work with.

So with a bit of sadness and a lot of excitements, I announce that today is my last day at Oracle.

Where am I heading next? I'm actually starting my own company to take Hudson to the next stage. This has always been in the back of my mind, and I'm very excited that I'm finally doing it. Stay tuned for more details, in a week or so. But in the mean time, if you'd like get any custom development/support done on Hudson, please let me know at so that we can start having a conversation.

Even though I leave Oracle, I'll continue to lead the Hudson project. I'll be working with Oracle to transfer the infrastructure services to their IT operations team. There might be some out-of-schedule releases, service disruptions, and other inconveniences during this period, but hopefully things will be back in order relatively quickly.

And finally, big thank you to everyone in the Hudson community, and in a broader community. I wouldn't be here without you guys, and I feel very proud that I'm a part of it. Thanks for your patronage to my projects, and I hope our relationship will continue.

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Good luck with the new

Good luck with the new venture. I'm sure the Hudson community will be excited by this.

Good luck

Hudson is a great tool I hope you can continue to progress


Thanks for all of your work on JAXB too!


Will you keep blogging here or do we need to switch rss url? Wishing you the best. Cheers


Congratulations! I look forward to seeing new great things from you.

Best of luck!

Hudson is a fantastic project and I know you'll make it financially successful on it's own. Good luck!

All the best to you!

Many thanks for your passionate work Kohsuke! May the source be with you!
-- Michael Meyling

Best wishes on your new adventure

Hi Kohsuke, I wish you the very best and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for the Java developer community. No doubt we will see many more interesting things that you will do over the years!

Good luck

Your presentation was one of the best I recall from JavaOne 2008. Thanks for creating Hudson -- it's made the CM aspects of my job so much easier for the last four years!

Too bad... for Oracle! I'm

Too bad... for Oracle! I'm sure you'll have a bright future whenever you go. I'm happy to know that you'll keep on with Hudson, with even more focus. You and Hudson changed my way of working and I wouldn't be able to do many things that I like without Hudson. Best luck!

Wish you have a successful start

Hudson has been one of my favorite softwares and it had really helped my project without costing any. I'm a not Sun/Oracle employee, but even outside I have been impressed by your passion and effort for GlassFish, Hudson and other projects. Sincerely wish you a good luck in the next career! - Wonseok

Good luck!

You have made Hudson a fantastic product, and I'm really looking forward to more great work from you.

Wish you will push Hudson to

Wish you will push Hudson to a next high level!

Take it to the next stage

Kohsuke, I'm sure that using the same devotion, skills and spirit will take both you and Hudson to the next stage!
Good luck


I am sure you will be successful, we will continue using Hudson and probably convince some customers to take up supported version soon. I would like to make some suggestions, I am sure they have been made before. I would like to suggest moving to OSGi as a means for managing dependencies of plugins. The UI also seems brittle, if a plugin causes a problem the rest of the page is not rendered properly. In some cases the config page for a project runs on and on and a different way of organising to options would make it a lot easier to use. Maybe various categories of plugins should be in different tabs. The 'enable auto refresh' causes problems on some pages making it difficult to navigate. Changing certain areas to pure ajax would remove the need for an 'enable auto refresh'. Regards Corneil du Plessis corneil at tsctech dot com

Good luck!

Good luck and best wishes in your new career! Hope to see you around irc and the community. BR, Thomas

Good Luck

Hi kohsuke,

Good luck with your new endeavors.


wish you the best

You did some great things - I wish you the best.

All the best!

Best of luck in your new venture! Exciting stuff! Pat


I have no doubt that whatever you put your mind into, it will succeed! Thank you for everything you did at Sun. You'll be missed!