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Introducing InfraDNA, the Hudson company

Posted by kohsuke on April 26, 2010 at 4:09 PM PDT

(I started cross-posting blogs to my own website.)

As I wrote in my farewell note, I was working on starting a new company around Hudson. It took longer than I initially anticipated, but it's finally open for business!

The company will provide two things; one is support, so that I can answer your questions and problem reports in a timely fashion, and the other is consulting, so that I can help you develop custom plugins, or provide on-site support to work on some tricky problems.

The name of the company is InfraDNA because I think of Hudson more as an infrastructure on which all kinds of server-side automation/tools can be built/deployed, and because I think this stuff is built into me (as in DNA) — when I look back my career as a software engineer, I always somehow seem to come back to tooling. (Plus, the domain name was available!)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Good luck koshuke!

If you need any help supporting in Hudson; even though now you are a commercial enterprise, you are entitled to our special entrepreneur's rate: i.e. free ;-)

All the best,


Congratulations and good luck!

I wish you the very best. In my experience over the last four years, Hudson has been very reliable and easy to use. Consequently, I have to think that the consulting side of your company will be in greater demand than the support side.

Re: Congratulations and good luck!

First of all, good luck to InfraDNA.
Hudson has been very reliable and easy to use
that means support is not needed most of the time :)