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SwingX Pushing Onward

Posted by kschaefe on March 27, 2009 at 11:08 AM PDT

SwingX is preparing to release 0.9.6, our (hopefully) final pre-1.0 release. This release is mainly bug fixes and some API migration. As always, you can view the change notes on our wiki. Those notes should provide detail for migrating from older versions to the latest SwingX. The release will also include some enhancements, such as mnemonic support for task panes and improved rendering for the calendar.

As part of our push to 1.0, we have decided to update our demos. The current demo is available at the swinglabs-demos site. The new demo is based on SwingSet3, the new Swing demo application that debuted with 6u10. SwingSet3 provides a component demo framework that we are utilizing to develop SwingXSet. SwingXSet (currently only available from CVS) is a showcase of SwingX components, using SwingX, the Swing Application Framework, and Beans Binding.

If you haven't checked out SwingX in a while, now is a very good time. As always, the SwingX developers can be contacted on the SwingLabs Forums. Hope to see you there!

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Sounds good, we are currently waiting for 1.0 to integrate it into our rich client.

maybe the question is the other way round: is Nimbus mature enough to warrant the support of SwingX ;-) There are clashes ...

I had some performance problems with the SwingSet3 (and my machine is not junk) on Windows XP with Nimbus , did anyone else? And by the way it is looking good (both Nimbus and SwingX), congrats. Swing rocks.

SwingX 1.0 will be the last Java 1.5 compatible release (barring some maintenance releases). Nimbus is a 1.6 minimum, so we are not going out of our way to support Nimbus, yet. Any bugs you find between SwingX and Nimbus should be reported (this will help us identify any breakages asap). When we begin the move to Java 1.6, the two big priorities are Nimbus and JTable sorting and filtering.

good to see its going forward. Are there plans to fully support nimbus in 1.0?