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SwingX 1.6.1 Released

Posted by kschaefe on July 8, 2010 at 8:10 AM PDT

I am please to announce that SwingX has released version 1.6.1.  We hope to have the release uploaded Maven central soon.

Just a quick overview of some of the issues:

  • Added prompt support.
  • Added new Highlighters and HighlighterPredicates and improved the rendering API.
  • Lots of JXDatePicker and JXMonthView improvements.
  • More Mustang sorting improvements.
  • AutoComplete improvements.

As always you can provide feedback on the forums and submit any bug or enchancements on our issue tracker.

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Great news

Is there anywhere that gives more details about what's gone into the build, for instance what is prompt support ?

PromptSupport, etc.

The bin release contains a full list of all bugs fixed (over 90), so I don't want to duplicate that here.

In short, PromptSupport is the ability to add prompts to text components.  There prompts can be a combination of text and Painters and have display rules based on focus.  I am working on a blog with examples for that right now.  I hope to have it out in the next day or two.


Great news! When will it be available in the official Maven repository? Stefan

Jan is working on that; he

Jan is working on that; he only told me soon.  I will post an update as soon as I have one.

Swing-worker maven dependency

do you know if swing-worker dependency is mandatory for 1.6 user ? If not, could we add this dependency into a profile auto enabled by jdk version ? Thx Christophe

No backport for 1.6.x

As of SwingX 1.6 it is no longer necessary to use the SwingWorker backport.  That should not be part of the Maven requirements.

Swing X maven + no swing-worker

Fine it's great. What about maven repository ? Why there is this lag time between release announcement and repository availability ? (normally it's just a command line to deploy) I'm an OSS reposiitory user/contributor, if i can provide you some help, don't hesitate. Regards, Christophe.