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Securing Metro WebServices Using Kerberos Tokens

Posted by kumarjayanti on December 6, 2007 at 8:12 AM PST

My Colleague Ashutosh has posted a nice blog on how to secure Metro
WebServices using Kerberos Tokens.


Support for Kerberos Token Profile  would be available in Metro
1.1 release (to be out soon).  If you want to try it right away
then you can do so by downloading the latest nigtly  href="">here.

The Metro Kerberos Implementation was tested  for interoperability
with .NET implementation href="">last

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Securing Metro WebServices

Hi Kumar,
We have a requirement where our web service (JDK1.6, Metro and JBoss) need to consume a AD token from client and validate that token against AD before proceeding with other activity. I am really struggling to make it work for last couple of days but nothing is working.
I have created the keytab file, updated login-config.xml to include the keytab file but nothing seems working. Can you please help.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards - Roy