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Custom Realms in GlassFish V3

Posted by kumarjayanti on January 8, 2009 at 3:49 AM PST

My colleague Nithya has written about an interesting recent feature addition to GlassFish V3 where you can dynamically add a new Custom Realm (built as an OSGI module) to a running glassfish server (No Restart Required !!).

If you are using latest GlassFish V3 builds : Latest V3 Promoted Builds

please take a look at : Custom Realms as OSGI Modules

There is also a post where she has described the steps for developing a custom realm

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Hi Kumar, I lost many times trying to write custom Realms and custom Login module on V3 Prelude before I realize the implementation don't meet the specs in the documentations. Are promoted builds strong enouch to support current v3P developement without frequent crash ? thanks ...