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SOAP Message Security with Password Derived Keys

Posted by kumarjayanti on April 6, 2009 at 6:02 AM PDT

With Latest Metro 2.0 bits you can now try signing and encrypting SOAP Messages using the WSS 1.1 Password Derived Keys Feature. This is useful incase one does not want to use Certificates or Kerberos tokens etc. A secret key derived from your password would be used to sign and encrypt the SOAP messages.

Configuring Password Derived Keys can be done Via WS-SecurityPolicy assertions in the WSDL. NetBeans support for this is not yet there but one can add the assertions manually to do this.

While our QE is still testing this feature which is going to be part of Metro 2.0 release, you can already start using it.

Checkout the post by my team member suresh for more info on this feature :
Post By Suresh

Metro 2.0 Nightlies can be obtained here:
Metro 2.0 Nightlies

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